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BJ - The Good, Bad, and Ugly BJ - The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this the shit......

bout time someone make a clint eastwood beat.......
there is nothing more then a classic clint eastwood movie sound...... shoot em up ch ch....bang! bang!i should give u a 20/20 but i cant cause it only goes up to

TLOB-Hit Em Wth That Shoryuken TLOB-Hit Em Wth That Shoryuken

Rated 5 / 5 stars


dude i love the song and i love how u put ryu or ken in the mixxxx....but most of all that i love the most u did in this song is ur snares.......u got timeing hella good....keep up this shit playa.....


-= Drawback =- -= Drawback =-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

1 thing to say to u my friend!

i got one thing to say to u and that is...............i love ur tempo...........thats the only thing.............keep up the good work dude......i wanna here more

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TheBiocide responds:

Thanks man! ..................I'll try to make sure my next couple of tunes............sound as good as this one ;D hahaha

QShit Knockout w/ KlazikNadi QShit Knockout w/ KlazikNadi

Rated 5 / 5 stars


u said it all........but who was that too?

nice job on the lyrics and the beat...i give 10/10...nice job

Luke responds:

QSik. Sorry, I forgot... I should have mentioned that... Qshit = Qsik. :)
Thanks for the good score yo!

Baby Oil Baby Oil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

baby oil?hmmm....

more of a porn beat then anything else....good though i like it....

kurotoko responds:

LOL haha thanks bro! :D

CTSB | Soar CTSB | Soar

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i have to say the samething as n1k-mUg....hella good though i like alot but the only thing is i wouldnt change anything on this track....keep up the good work bro

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ChippyTheSoundBoy responds:

Thank you for the review! I will keep it up forever and ever!


You Feel Me You Feel Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yeah i feel

im not talking about ur dad or anything but if ur dad sent u that beat or lyrics....he's dope if he sent u that beat or lyrics......feel

JJJackkiller responds:

lol kkz

What it Do What it Do

Rated 5 / 5 stars

sounds hella good..

you didnt come rough...dude it sounds good...the melody is dope along with the rest..5/5,10/10 in my book but dont let the rest fool someone else said to me "ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES AND DONT LET IT GET TO YOU"

JJJackkiller responds:


[Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap [Speed Rap]- Fastest Rap

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wwhhaatt tthhee ffuucckk!!!!!!!

dude slow down on the energy drinks and only thing i have to say on ur rap should go on americas got talent or guiness world records or something...but the real thing i really wanted to say is FUCK!THAT IS TALENT....spit more of that bro....that was a good dose of "slap u in the mouth and make u bleed" lyrics...

JonH2O responds:

I've been at Starbucks all day so it's a little late for that! NEVAHHHH
Thanks for the advice but NUUUU THANKIES NO THANKS NONONONON THANKS MUHH FAGGA. Thanks for the compliments. IDK about americas got talent, hahaha. Sounds cool though. I wonder how it would sound if they censored this... BEEP BEEP BEEP CLOTHESHANGER BEEEEP.
I been trying to come up with more fast raps like this but it's HARD. maybe cuz im trying too hard i didn't try on this one it just came so easy.weird. It always starts with the first verse sooooo hmmmmm. I just need 1 sentence that sounds as cool as gettin a midgets digets and touchin her tits in front of the
I'll keep workin' at it!

This rap seems slow now. i think I'll do this over a beat first before I start on another rap.

w/e/ew/ew/e/w/e/w/ew/e/w/e/we/w/e/w/e /w/e/w/e/w/e////
I'll figure it out.

And damn, wtf. almost as much downloads as listens? Seriously?!

teddygram - Lost teddygram - Lost

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i like what u did here it sounds like the ending credits of a movie...keep up the good work

teddygram responds: